A Day (NOT) at the Spa

Fab Fever performing at our home wedding, 2010
Spa [spah] noun: a hot tub or similar warm-water hydromassage facility, usually for more than one person.

My husband’s recent quest to have a lonely, neglected spa removed from our back deck as part of ongoing home improvement and maintenance met me with equal parts nostalgia, relief and sadness. Over eight years ago after first buying the home, I remember sitting in the spa with my mom, looking up at the house with its warm lights shining through the windows down to where we were floating. The words from my mouth in that moment came from a sense of comfort and relief: “I feel rich” is what I remember saying to my mom as we sat there enjoying the hot, bubbling water.

Now, the empty void where the spa once sat reminded me of the Dr. Suess book titled The Lorax, where the Onceler sadly told the story of the way things were. During my time in this home, there have been numerous memorable events that took place around the spa, especially in the warmer months when anyone dared venture outside to enjoy it. There was the party when wine glasses were found at the bottom of the hot tub with countless wine bottles strewn about in the dark the night prior, the party guest who looked down at an inebriated guest thinking he jumped in fully clothed (when in reality, he was just a hairy guy)…and our own home wedding two years ago when the band used the hot tub cover for their equipment and staging area.

To deal with the loss of the spa, I’ve taken it upon myself to see it as a “mind-clearing” and “decluttering” event in my life. Being that the previous owners of our home had the darn thing hoisted over the neighbor’s property with a crane to get it to where it sat for many years, the relatively simple process of having it sawed into pieces and hauled off was quite liberating…

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Numbers Do Matter! $274,886 – 3-Bedrooms

Numbers do matter! In fact, we’ll name our favorite coffee shop in this neighborhood by not only its food but the address too.

Try Ronaker’s Coffee Shop at 2123 Doolittle Drive! It’s a block away from our 2123 Juneau Street property for sale!

(Also worth noting: Coffee Time at 2105 Doolitte Drive.)

Skinny-dipping, anyone?

OPEN HOUSE Saturday June 9th, 1-3 p.m.

Our new Bridgeport condo listing at the end of the San Mateo Bridge in Hayward! MORE PHOTOS HERE

Any swimmers out there? No, we don’t really recommend skinny-dipping but this great condo complex has many amenities for a simpler lifestyle:

  • Greenbelts maintained by someone else
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Elevator buildings
  • Gated parking
  • water and trash paid by monthly HOA dues

This 2-bedroom, 2-bethroom, 1007 sq ft unit is listed at $123,886.