Meet Teddy!

After adopting a dog ourselves two weeks ago, we fell in love with the idea of helping to save a dog’s life. I’ve not been a dog person until we met Rex, a beautiful Rottweiler we adopted from the shelter. Now we’re on a mission to save a dog’s life!

Meet Teddy! I met Teddy when visiting our local animal shelter to get a license for our own dog. Teddy was a bit of a big baby who whined when I walked away to the point that I just had to walk back over to him and pet him through the gate. He smushed his little piggy body up against the fence to be pet. He was so incredibly adorable that I kept checking out his photo and video to the point that I felt as if I was cheating on our Rex! Learn more about Teddy HERE and visit his video HERE.

Please find it in your heart to help find a home for him…or at least go pay him a visit!