Adding Fur to Make a House a Home

2014 SantaCon group photo croppedIn December of 2012, 2013 and 2014, a group of animal-loving volunteers organized SantaCon Hayward events to raise money for sponsored adoptions at the Hayward Animal Shelter. Realty World Neighbors sponsored the event, and we as the owners of the business have taken part in organizing the events due to our passion for animal rescue and highlighting the best of what our downtown has to offer. In my personal experience having animal companions, I’m less of a slob at home due to the need to keep things picked up off the floor so the dogs don’t get to them. I also keep food put away and refrain from letting the dishes pile up in the sink that would entice the dogs to counter-surf. The Hayward Animal Shelter has nearly $4,000 put aside for sponsored adoptions. What does this mean? This means that adoptions fees are waived for qualified homes! Please keep in mind that the animal shelter staff is very careful about who adopts the animals. They make every effort to ensure the animals will be in a safe, secure home with an adopter who will take proper care of the pet. What does THIS mean? This mean that if you’re a whack-job, no adoption for you! CLICK HERE for the SantaCon Hayward Facebook page where you’ll see our favorite featured animals… P.S. That’s me with the long blonde hair in the middle of the photo.

Protecting Our Real Estate: Baseboard Eater (Barely) Graduates!

Update: On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, our Piglet attended his second round of obedience classes at the San Lorenzo Dog Training Club. He failed the sit/stay and down/stay portion of the graduation ceremony. He was too compelled to scratch, sniff and lick. It was impossible to pretend I didn’t know him!
TIP for PREVENTING CHEWED BASEBOARDS: Slather them with dishwasher soap. This says our dog’s trainer Laura of Laura for Dogs.

When my stepson Taylor visited us earlier this year, he walked into the house and said, “This place needs a dog!” Perhaps I’m paraphrasing a bit but the message he was conveying is that the house had no life in it. It was cold.

We saw this as a perfect opportunity to visit the local animal shelter with Taylor during his visit. The little guy you see in the photo here is “Piglet”, formerly known as Casper. He was the sweetest, quietest little dog at the shelter that day. In fact, he was so sweet that when Taylor crouched down to pet him, Piglet very gently crawled into Taylor’s crouched lap and curled up there.

We adopted Piglet that day.

Fast forward a few days and weeks, we were surprised at what a big, hefty bark such a little dog had. We also realized that Piglet wasn’t a mature dog. Our vet said he was between 9-12 months old. He was (and is) still in the “puppy stage” and as such, needs to CHEW. Like a baby teething. CHEW, CHEW, CHEW, CHEW!

When our work schedules were such that we forgot to give Piglet a proper chew toy or bone to gnaw or if he couldn’t find my shoes (he NEVER chews Greg’s shoes — too stinky), Piglet resorted to chewing THE BASEBOARDS!

Let me say this: I was not mad about the baseboards at all. The life and love this dog brings into our home is tremendous compared to the need to eventually replace those baseboards. Plus, we enrolled him (or actually, me) in Obedience Training. It is exhausting for both me and Piglet. When we get home, Daddy doesn’t know how hard we worked at class, so he opts to be Piglet’s litter mate, playing with Piglet and being quite the opposite of the disciplinarian.

Little Piglet graduated this week and he’s enrolled in the next 6-week class with Laura for Dogs in Dublin. We strongly recommend protecting your house and making it a home. Make it a home by adopting and saving a life and protect it by making sure its occupants learn know how to conduct themselves…

For the record: I WAS mad about Piglet chewing my shoes.

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