Home Buyers

Home Buyers  
Start Packing!!!
At the May & Jones Group, our commitment to you as a Home Buyer client is unique in the industry.   Listing agents ALWAYS have a contractual agreement with their sellers on the terms by which the agent and property owner will work together to sell the home.  Home Buyers deserve the same level of commitment from us as your agent.
The May & Jones Group uses an Exclusive Home Buyers Representation Agreement for all of our home buyers.  This agreement assures you that we are 100% committed to finding you a home.  As an Exclusive Buyer Client, we prioritize our time and resources to serve you.  The agreement outlines what you can expect from us as YOUR agent in a complex process.
While the May & Jones Group has an outstanding reputation for service, if for any reason we do not perform to your satisfaction of course this agreement can be cancelled at any time prior to your getting into escrow for a property.

In our first meeting with home buyers, we cover things like:

  • Home Buyers expectations of us, your agents
  • Our expectations of you, the Home Buyers
  • What type of financing you plan to use, if applicable
  • What type of property are you seeking
  • Top 10 Credit Things NOT To Do while shopping
  • The best property search sites for Home Buyers
  • How the offer process works for Home Buyers
  • What is Escrow?
  • The inspection process (General, roof, termitie, soils, etc.)
  • Home Buyers deposit and contingencies
  • Preferred methods of communication (electronic signing, text, email, etc.)
  • Current market conditions and challenges facing Home Buyers
  • How to position yourself to ensure your success as a Buyer

Our time, energy and talents are focused on just a few Clients at any given time.  As a team, we can be even more responsive in meeting your needs to look at a property and get into contract with a seller, all the way through to handing you the keys to your new home.  The best part for you as a buyer is that our services are normally no cost to you and are generally paid by the property seller at the time the transaction closes.

What MayJones Group will need to get started:

  • Full lender pre-approval (not just pre-qualification) with DU Underwriter Findings
  • Proof of funds in liquid US dollars for your down payment and closing costs.
  • Your Home Buyers preference inventory.  What are you looking for in your next house?

We do this to ensure your offer is as strong as it can be and communicates to the seller that you are ready to perform on your offer.  This saves you lots of time and frustration by doing your homework up front rather than after you find the property of your dreams.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, seasoned investor, looking to downsize or move up, we look forward to serving you in your search.  With immediate access to the listings of hundreds of local agents as well as agents throughout the country through our industry contacts, we will provide you updated listings well before the national syndicated websites can provide.

We at the May & Jones Group look forward to serving you and assisting you through one of the most important purchases you will ever make.  The journey from dream to reality is full of fun, anxiety, paperwork, unknowns, and other challenges, but we are on your side to help make the trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.  While we have made this journey with many clients, your journey will be one of a kind and we look forward to traveling it with you!