REALTORS as a Political Force

Let’s face it. It makes sense that REALTORS (capitalized due to being a trade name) have intense political capital by knowing the voters through their real estate business and neighborhood involvement. REALTORS know their neighborhoods. They know the people who live in those neighborhoods. REALTORS make their rounds and find numerous ways to reach homeowners and residents. THEY KNOW THE VOTERS.

Now, I’m not saying that every REALTOR should go out and run for office. In fact, being in office in a huge time-sucker —  I know this from personal experience. It takes incredible discipline to balance the demands of public service with the demands of running one’s own business. Frankly, when I was in office up until last year, I hadn’t yet mastered the “Art of Discipline” and wound up spending most of my time and energy on my public service duties — not at the expense of my real estate clients, but at the expense of my own business growth.

Fast-forward to now. I have a fabulous “accountability partner” in my husband who is also my business partner. We take turns bossing each other around when it comes to balancing our work/community/personal lives.

Here, I will extend you an invitation. On Wednesday November 16th, we will hear the Gov’t Affairs Liaison David Stark of the Bay East Association of REALTORS give us an overview about “The Surge in the REALTOR Movement”. CLICK HERE to register for the luncheon at the Newark Hilton.

Even if you don’t run for office, please remember that you have incredible power to effect change in your own neighborhood and community. Short of running for office, you can apply to be on a local Board or Commission or get heavily (or lightly!) involved in a candidate’s efforts to win an election.

You need not be a REALTOR to get involved politically. We hope to see you at the November 16th luncheon!

Anna May, President-Elect 2011, Women’s Council of REALTORS Tri-Cities Chapter (

Greg Jones, President-Elect 2012, Women’s Council of REALTORS Tri-Cities Chapter (