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Some of you know that I used to work in the public sector.  We in the public sector LOVED policies and procedures.  The longer I worked in the public sector, the less I liked policies and procedures. Over time, I learned we couldn’t possibly think of everything employees would do to get in trouble, so why try to create rules against every possible circumstance?  We spent so much time telling people what they shouldn’t do instead of encouraging them to do the right things. Policy manuals be damned.

Policies and procedures
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Well, here I am, now the owner of a small business, and I have created our first office policy manual.  As I was working on it, it struck me that such an instrument is needed as a foundation, a road map, a rule book, so we all can function in a reasoned way.  Soooo, my commitment here, being true to my continued resistance to creating constrictions on creativity, innovation and general enjoyment (sounds rather Libertarian of me, yes?) is that the manual will not grow beyond its present state.  If we add something, something else will come out….maybe the public sector could learn from this approach.

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  1. You better sign the receipt of the Office Manual! To refuse will be dangerous!

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