“He Said, She Said”: White Floors and Carpeted Bathrooms

“He Said” From the Cave, “She Said” From the Throne

As I’ve been reading our “He Said, She Said” series of blog-posts we’ve started, I’ve come to realize that The Man in this duo “talks” a lot more than I do.

Have any of our readers noticed the same thing?

He Said: “What does that have to do with white floors and — carpeted bathrooms?”

She Said: “At least you’re not arguing with my observation.”

He Said: “Well maybe that’s because I have more to say that’s of value.”

She Said: “Okay, what do you think of white floors and carpeted bathrooms?”

He Said: “White floors show everything. Super impractical.”

She Said: “That’s not what you were saying when you were stuck cleaning our own white kitchen floor…!”

He Said: “What did I say?”

She Said: “You said ‘^&$#$$(bleep!)^&*^ 87&*what-kind-of-crazy-woman-would-choose-white-floors-&%^(bleep!)&&% 789*%^&5 87% 987&*^ %^&%(bleeping-bleep!)’ “

He Said: (Not acknowledging his foul language) “I’ve never seen a carpeted bathroom. Never thought about it.”

She Said: “In all my years of being in the real estate business, I’ve noticed that older folks (senior citizens) often have carpeted bathrooms. It’s more comfortable for them to walk on something soft.”

He Said: “Well, then I guess it makes sense, doesn’t it? Probably warmer too! You don’t slip on it.”

She Said: “True, but a man should NEVER have a carpeted bathroom.”

He Said: “I don’t want to know what you’re thinking when you say that, but I can guess.”

She Said: “Anyone who’s ever lived with a man or has raised a man knows why carpeted bathrooms are not a good idea.”

He Said: “Can we talk about something else now?”

(I just wanted to make my point. Bull’s-eye!)

4 thoughts on ““He Said, She Said”: White Floors and Carpeted Bathrooms”

  1. Landon Baines

    I love this! Anna – you are a great realtor and friend but I have to take the side of the he (Greg) on this one!

  2. Anna May

    Mr. Baines, I’d love to know what Tina would have to say about this!

  3. Thanks, Landon! We gotta stick together on this stuff….

  4. Never a good idea to have carpet in the “wet” area…in front of the sink, around the toilet, next to the tub or shower. Wet carpet fosters floor damage and makes it harder to see at the same time.

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