A Sweet-Talking Colleague and Having a Man Around

Little Donkey's Ass

Being part of a small boutique brokerage, we often find ourselves enjoying the solitude from a big mammoth system that dictates what we should do, how we should do things and when we should do them.

The flip side: It can be a bit lonely.

Even though my husband and I are perfect business partners (except when his ass-ness factor hits high volume), we also enjoy commiserating with colleagues outside of our own office, including from afar.

This afternoon we returned from a Women’s Council of REALTORS (WCR) conference in San Diego. (Remember, we have REALTOR colleagues from southern California in case any of our bay area residents want to move outta this place!) I’ve always steered clear of joining organizations that are gender-specific, partisan-specific, ethnic-specific, etc. — but over the years I’ve relaxed a bit. Idealism only gets a human being so far.

I guess I just want to brag about the fact that I had a hot stud with me. He was the perfect seller of raffle tickets to the ladies in the room, the perfect person to be next to me in a tuxedo, the perfect person to carry all the heavy luggage, the perfect person to chat with the other poor husbands that were dragged along to the event. (Oh! But wait! He’s a member of WCR now too!)

And about that sweet-talking colleague? Fellow REALTOR Ms. Lu Jayo courted me for many months as a plan to entice me into WCR leadership and I am now the President-Elect of the chapter (www.wcrtc.org). I wondered why this nice lady often wanted to come all the way out to my city through rain and traffic just to chat over coffee with me!

Looking  back, I see that one of the distinct differences between my husband’s courtship of me and Lu’s courtship of me is that Lu asked me to get involved. My husband simply said “I’ll be there at 8” as if I had nothing better to do but twiddle my thumbs to see him!

So yes, men and women are very different. We know that. Just let me marvel at it, okay?

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