Combining Households

When two adults with fully furnished households decide to merge, what will happen to all their stuff? Get extra storage space or relegate one spouse’s boxed stuff to an unused bedroom?

Sell the excess stuff, place grandma’s vintage furniture throughout the “new” house, fight about what stays and what goes, negotiate, toss ugly shoes, stack mattresses, inundate the beds with all the extra pillows, fight some more…

We’ll probably open a business so we’ll have somewhere to put all the extra furniture and accoutrements!

(Oh, I should also mention that now we have a lifetime supply of various sunscreens and soap.)

One thought on “Combining Households”

  1. Let’s be fair.

    I wouldn’t call what’s going on here a merger. I do have one lamp and my desk that have found their way out of storage and into the light of the new place. Everything else is in boxes, tucked out of sight for some time now. Frankly, I don’t miss much of the stuff. Maybe it will just stay there.

    What HAS merged are two people that want to be together…if our stuff ever decides it wants to be together too, fine but it isn’t a priority. Well, maybe “my” flat screen, surround sound and the Xbox ….

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