Stop Going Thru My Trash!

Does anyone out there think it’s okay for scavengers to take your discarded recyclables from your curbside before garbage day?

Tonight I overheard a resident on my street confront a scavenger. He told him not to come back to this street. The man argued with my neighbor and said “Not your problem!”.

Wanna bet?

The recycling/garbage company relies on collecting our recyclables and it IS our problem when people steal it. Our garbage rates are affected by what the recycling/garbage companies are able to collect. Wanna pay more for garbage service? Then go ahead and let scavengers steal your stuff.

As for me, I will continue to call the police and report their presence every time I see them going through mine or the neighbors’ trash…

3 thoughts on “Stop Going Thru My Trash!”

  1. Kevin Street

    Good for you…nothing is more annoying than clanking bottles and shopping carts going down the street at 3am. This is one step away from identity theft, due to recycling junk mail, and them deciding what else you may have in your car or house.

  2. Oscar

    Not sure about this one, I don’t care as long as they don’t make a mess in front of my house. What I see as an abuse is how much we are been charged for garbage when they are making millions of dollars with all recyclables and all garbage… You’ll never see a penny out that money. That is why, I’m taking my own recycling and sell it may self. You’ll be surprice how much money is on your garbage that you’re giving away to the local goberment.

  3. Here in Reno we have the same problem. It has even made it to our morning news. Some people argue the legality of the problem. Great post.

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